23 August 2011


Talking to the hubster today made me realize something.

I'm a social butterfly when it comes to working out.

I excel when I work out with other people are with me. Specifically, I love workout classes. Seriously. It's like, motivation for me to go workout. I HAVE to go. Or something. I dunno. But I like them, and I hope Ft Campbell has some... and when I get back to Hawaii and only have a couple weeks... it'll be sad because I'm sure fitness will go out the window.

Time for bed. G'night.

PS-I needed to shout out. My good friend Natasha bought this for me for Christmas. Well not exactly like the one posted, mine ALSO holds a race bib...but she bought it because she knew one day I would do another race, and my old race belt was dead (hand me down from Neil). Anyway. This belt...rocks my socks. I use it EVERYTIME I do my Ct5K workout. You can put a LOT of stuff in that stretchy little pocket. One time I put my ipod, sunglasses, ID, & car key inside. Impressive. And it fits perfectly in the small of my back. Thanks girl. I really love it. :)

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