10 September 2011

Keesler Mini Tri

Hey oh!

I have a bad habit. I sign up for races, and then I do not train for them. This is the second time I have been at Keesler during the fall timeframe. The first time I did this race was 4 years go. It was a 200yd swim, 6mi ride, and 2mi run. My times were: 4min swim + 2.5min transition, 23 min ride + 1min transition, 18:30 run= 48:06)

Today's race was 200yd swim, 9.2mi bike, and 2mi run. There was a lot more people this time around, and I thought being in the Athena division (women above 150lbs) would give me an edge on the competition, and I'd be able to place.

Well, as the Lord would have it, I did not place. It was a little frustrating, but this time around... I kind of trained. And by kind of, I mean... I haven't swam at all since I've been at here, the only riding I've done is 30 min of spin class the last few weeks, and running--well that Ct5K has definitely worked in my favor (as opposed to the last triathlon I did in HI)... I cannot say what my goal times were, although while I was on the bike, I definitely wanted to finish my 2miles in less than 22 minutes.

Times according to my HR monitor (official times won't be out for about a week)...
4:25 swim + 4min transition, 16:56 first lap/17:58 second lap +1:38 transition, 9:42 first mile, 9:39 second mile = 1hr 4min total time. Glad my run went well, especially since I was thinking, "don't forget to stretch before starting the run" and I totally forgot to stretch. So when I grabbed the water at the turnaround I walked a little to stretch out.

In the end, I didn't get a trophy, I got a T-Shirt too big (size L-- and it's white w/black lettering :/), but I met some cool people, reunited with some random faces I've seen around the gyms, had someone take pics of me (and her husband), and... I'm really stoked with the overall performance. I felt like I felt 4-5 years ago when I was doing triathlons--before the baby, before the amelo.

Thanks Jesus. :D

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