14 September 2011

Prayer request...

In Monday's night Step class, I seemed to have done something to my right calf... and it's been mildly painful. Because of that... I tried to take it easy yesterday in Circuit 30/Cycle 30, and Zumba... today it wasn't as great as I wished it would be. Today was my Ct5K workout (which is now basically, trying to jog for 30 minutes) but I knew my calf was acting up... so I tried to just do a mock fitness test: 1 min of pushups and situps, and the 1.5mile run time. I did 45 situps (min is 38, but goal is 54), 20 pushups (min is 18, goal is 25), and my run time was horrible! My last time was 14:30, this time it was 15:58! :/ Thankfully, if I had to test today (test is Oct 6th), I'd barely pass-- 76% (need 75%)... but I could do so much better!

So... please pray for wisdom with working out (knowing how to take it easy), and pray for healing! I really need to take my test because I'm already behind because weather cancelled my last attempts to test...

Thanks ya'll (Natasha :D)

Thanks :)

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