07 September 2011

Skinny Pants...

You know, they always say that the scale is not your friend...and I of all people should know that, especially having been in the Bod Pod so many times, and especially after my last trip--even though I weighed a little more than when I did after being wired shut, I had lost lots of pounds of fat, and gained some pounds of muscle.

So I have this pair of fantastic grey cotton pants that I bought from Banana, on clearance, shortly after being cut free from surgery. So I was skinny. And then I started eating...and my waist was not so skinny. For whatever reason, I opted to bring them with me on this trip...because I figured one way to tell if I was getting skinnier, would be because those pants would fit me.

Tonight during Zumba (we had a sub, she was crazy all about the Latin music...different than our normal teacher, but I still got worked!)...I noticed my side profile seemed a little thin (even though when I look down standing, my tummy still seems the same size)...so I thought, "Hmm... I should try on those skinny pants..."

After my shower... I slipped on the skinny pants, and buttoned them! I didn't even have to lay down to button them ;)

So indeed folks. Though the scale might not budge, your body composition changes. Don't go by weight alone. (I'm looking forward to going home, and hopefully taping myself to see if I've lost some inches around various bodyparts).

G'night and ALOOOOOHA!

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