21 November 2011

Ahh... it's almost like a real home!

I'm so grateful today our household goods came. I mean, they've been *here* for about two weeks, but we couldn't actually have them delivered until today. And PRAISE GOD for our stuff!

At first I was amazed at ALL the stuff we had (it kept coming out), but when I think about it... we only had a little less than 6,000lbs (which was quite less than our amount we were allotted by the military)...then I was overwhelmed thinking of where we were going to put everything! I didn't realize how much kitchen stuff we had...but I'm just glad our stuff is here.

I didn't realize how nice it is to sit on your couch, and even Zeke enjoys having his toys back :D We'll see how he likes sleeping in his own room tomorrow :P

We started the process with USAA today. I'm grateful to be covered under them, and the insurance policy we have right now-it takes care of everything. They towed the truck from our house because I didn't feel comfortable enough driving it to the auto shop, and they pay $30/day up to $900 for a rental car while the truck is being taken care of. Seriously, a huge blessing. So that's what was taken care of today.

As well as my referral to Vanderbilt today! I got the letter in the mail from Tricare saying my referral was "blessed" and I was good to go to be seen by them. There was some mixup regarding the phone number, and if the referral covered everything, but after talking with the receptionist at Oral Surgery at Ft Campbell, and the referral office...I'm good to go. Made a phone call and am waiting for the scheduling person to call me so I can have my initial appt with them.

We didn't get to paint stuff like I wanted to for the house before our stuff came in (all the doors and edging used to be a darker color, but the previous tenants covered it in white... but they didn't put enough coats on...so it bugs me). But perhaps we'll have some extra cash in December (ha! That's like an oxymoron right!?) to get some painting stuff to do a little bit at a time...

For now, peace out.

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