17 February 2012

God Anoints the Time & Place...

Whenever I want to doubt that God is in control, I need to remember this story. I'm sharing it with you, because it's totally GOD.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Shane & Shane perform in concert two times. I was determined to take Marcus...so as a belated Valentine's, we were heading to a concert 3hrs away in Lawrenceburg, KY after dropping the kid off at our good friend's parents' house. Upon our arrival there the dad informed us that the town, was in the Eastern Time Zone and I now I had half an hour to be on time... to make at least a 2hr drive!

We bolted out of Princeton, KY to head up to the concert. We make it to the church, and after grabbing our tickets from these sweet older ladies, get inside for the closing prayer... :(

Then a young girl cries out, "When I think about the Lord!" and they finally brought her up on stage, and sang it... an awesome song. Then they get off stage. All of that chaos...for Marcus to hear ONE song.

The lady in front of us is like, "Um... did you get lost?" Exasperated, I tell her that we were coming from Ft Campbell, KY didn't realize there was a time zone change, and yeah... sad day. Then one of the older ladies that greeted us at the door, asked us to come with her, because she wanted us to meet them...after all that trouble.

So we go back to their "green" room and meet the Shanes! In our midst of talking, I mention their songs are super anointed and if they ever played in Hawaii, our entire church at home (Refresh) would be in attendance. And they were definitely interested in going to Hawaii, and then mention that Bethany Hamilton has been trying to get them to go out there too... Then somehow I mention Waxer, and they're BOTH like, "WAXER?!?!?!? WE LOVE WAXER?!?!"

Literally, walked out with two emails of gentlemen that organize their shows, with the mission of bringing the Shanes to Hawaii. Who knows if it'll be through an HIM event, through a One Love event, or a Momentum event... either way, it looks like GOD is sending the Shanes to HAWAII!

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