19 March 2012

Another one of those days...

I realized reading back on my blogs (gonna get a little TMI right now)- that antibiotics jack up my stomach. I was getting all frustrated because every time I drink something my stomach makes these mad gurgling sounds. Also, I have crazy mad diarrhea... It's ironic cause you're plugged up the first few days because of steroids and narcotics, and then the antibiotics kick in and give you the runs. And then you lose like 10lbs in 5days. Seriously. Anyway, I forgot the antibiotics jack me up... until I was rereading some of my blogs from the last surgery.

Also of note, my sore throat is incredibly annoying. Irate is more like it. Let me describe it for you- it's like I have an itch in the back of my throat, and then when I try to drink cold drinks... it's like a blade is cutting my throat. So. Painful. And makes me frustrated.

When I thought about it, I was thinking that this time around, the surgery was going well- you know. I could move around with my hip- this morning I even went for a light walk (about 1/4mi) with minor additional pain. And I was all prepared for this wired shut business this time- getting all into juicing, and stocking up on some fresh juice... and now, I can't even drink cold juice. It feels like nails going down my throat!

Okay. That's my grumbling. Here's our Sunday teaching from service. Pretty relevant. I should listen to it again....

In the end, I am grateful for friends. The Stanleys came over to visit again today. This time the kid was home, so all three boys ran amuck in our house... which is nice since we have no furniture. Or, at least it's pretty limited. I feel like we have all this room in our house but nothing in it. But it's okay right? Who needs stuff- I just want a guest bed for our bedroom. I just enjoy having people over to visit and chat...and take my mind off things.

And for my head to not feel like a bowling ball. x_x

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