17 March 2012

Blog 250!

Well, it's been three days since the surgery, and the swelling has definitely taken its toll on my face. I can feel the skin stretching, which is slightly uncomfortable. And I keep trying to put ice on it, but sometimes the ice packs feel like they're choking me. So I asked Marcus to go out and get some frozen bags of veggies to make it easier on me (and him) hopefully in the middle of the night.

Now, this whole dangling thing in the back of the throat... man sometimes it's okay, and sometimes it just acts all mad and swollen. Like right now, it kinda feels like I need to spit it out but it won't come out.

Last night we had quite the scare... well I did. I thought I was about to get sick, but thankfully after some breathes, kneeling on the tub, and all that hooplah, I didn't get sick. I did frantically text a bunch of people asking for prayers. Man, it was the worse- chills, clammy, sweats... and then finally got back into bed. and fell asleep. Some of you might remember my last blog entry when I mentioned "In case of emergency, cut wires," so I'm not excited about the potential of having another reaction. Thankfully I'm on a different antibiotics than the last surgery, so seemingly it doesn't really make my stomach as upset, but my tummy does rumble a lot, and sometimes the green juice is the LAST thing I want to drink. I think of yummy milkshakes, and soups, and deliciousness... but I'm trying to hold strong to the theory that the juice is not only healthier for me, but it brings healing with the nutrients. Unlike milkshakes... which bring... crap?

Random thought... the docs said that if my bandages got soaked then I should remove them, but that one young buck was soo confident in his taping up bandage and making it waterproof... so I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Bad idea. Looking at it tonight I realized a part of it was green...so I had Marcus help me cut it off... and man, it was gross. Seriously, when your bandage smells, that cannot be a good sign! Probably, TMI for you-- but, I should have taken it off Thursday night. Now we wait for the little ties to come off... and in the meantime... trying to keep it clean I guess?

I think this is all babbling..and I shall end it. Night night!

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