16 March 2012

Day 2...

Well, technically it was the first full day at home, but day 2 after surgery I suppose. The last time I was wired shut I wrote a blog every day, and most of it was whining probably. But this time, I'm also reading "Made to Crave" and prayerfully the focus on Jesus will help decrease my whining about eating real food. Although, tonight, at our small group there was cookies (and some juice and smoothies they made in honor of me)... but man, I wanted to shove a cookie in my mouth! I do have a slight hole on the right side of my mouth, from where I don't have teeth. Last time that was where I stuffed a lot of vienna sausage and donut holes... however this time I don't think I'll be doing that. Mostly for health reasons (really, what nutrients do those things have to help me in my healing process?!) and also because my mother- for whatever reason- ALWAYS mentions how I screwed up my healing from my last surgery because I stuffed food in this hole in my mouth. Fantastic right? Anyway. The intern did say that it was okay to put pills in there- but he didn't want me to because he was scared I would choke. Well, that's nice... but liquid motrin tastes like poo- so guess what I'm taking in pill form? That's right, motrin. And I'd totally take tylenol as a liquid, but they didn't give me any. And my prior experience says I should alternate motrin with tylenol to help keep the pain down (although they use the motrin for swelling). At any rate...

This morning there was lots of sleeping until about 10, and then I'm not sure what I did until Ms Emily and the boys came over to visit. Then there was a little napping before small group. And then the pain started to get bad, so it was time to come home. Although, some of this pain is more the muscle soreness of being on the operating table, so I just put some horse bengay on it (seriously, this stuff is amazing)... and that helps a little.

My face is starting to swell more than it had in the hospital-as totally expected. It's just not the most fun having my face warm and stretching out, you know? They said to keep ice on my face for a week, it's really hard to do that. Plus some of the wrap arounds for my face that they sent me home with- give me a headache from being too tight. Thankfully, we have a few things we can use for ice in our home, to include a couple flaxseed bags that my Aunt Sharon made for me a while ago. They sit nicely around my neck.

Still not taking in as much juice as I would like. Ideally I'd take about 4 quarts, but today I probably took about a quart of liquids total, or a little more. Still using the bathroom as normal, so not too worried about that... but still. Need to get those nutrients in you know? It's all about juice feasting and not fasting... but my appetite is not there yet. Plus there is something humbug about having to drink with your mouth wired shut. Meh.

Got a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers (and some roses!) today from my sister and brother in law. Super sweet and a big mood lifter. Also got to skype this morning with a friend, she mostly talked and I did a lot of typing.

Anyway. Thankful for all the prayers and support through this. Looking forward to even more healing and God's power!

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