06 March 2012

The Hard Reality of it all...

I had my pre-surgery appointment today. The last chance to ask a bunch of questions before the big day...so I asked...

-about the reality of being wired for three weeks
-what antibiotics would be used afterwards
-when I could get in the pool for some physical therapy
-if they'd be using staples on my neck

The answers were
-unrealistic. It's gonna be six weeks. Anything less would be a miracle.
-thankfully not augmentin, likely clendamyacin (augmentin made me sick last time)
-give it a couple weeks for wounds to heal
-NO STAPLES! instead some sutures that should look good healing (which is nice, since they're cutting open my neck on the outside)

And this whole time I've been saying, "Oh three weeks, but I'm preparing for six." But that's a lie. Kind of like how I didn't take into account the leap year, and today I swore up and down it was the 7th, but it was actually the 6th (my watch has the date).

So there it is folks. The hard reality of it all. Not to mention there are some complications with our childcare lineup for Zeke... so as of right now, we're not too sure where he'll be Tues night through Thurs night. I know God has a plan... but it's interesting in the waiting.

Prayer requests:
-That I suck it up for healing: the doc says I should be able walk out of the hospital after surgery. I laughed at him and asked if he did miracles, cause I could barely move my leg. Needless to say, if I could walk out of the hospital, that would be awesome. :)
-To focus on Jesus through this. Above my pain. Above my self-conscienciousness of my swelling and scars...
-Childcare for Z. I know God has a plan, but it's just waiting for it to unravel... cause all my ends are loose!


At least Marcus and I have discovered juicing... and this awesome place in Nashville. But most importantly... Marcus is TOTALLY behind the juicing thing.. and I'm supposed to be drinking like 4 quarts of juice a day.. and he's been a total blessing. I am crazy grateful for that!

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Kimberly Shigeoka said...

You can do it and everything will work out love, I know it!