15 March 2012

Home Safe & Sound

Just a little update on little old me. We made it safe and sound back home today around 1 or 2ish. Let me tell you, this whole check-out from the hospital was a fiasco. Holy. Smokes.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. We got to the hospital around 6, on time and good to go. Started checking in, doing vitals and all that. She messed up some of my IV stuff... so like always I have crazy bruises on my hands and arms from attempting to get some good IVs. I don't know about this hospital. I mean, I know Vanderbilt is supposed to be impressive, like regarding their quality of care- but their patient bedside manners are not that impressive. They didn't seem very conducive to trying to keep Marcus updated with surgery things (as opposed to when people sit in the lobby waiting for text updates on a monitor). I dunno. It went okay, they did the billion questions making sure I knew what was going on, and then Marcus kissed me and they wheeled me into the operating room. It really freaked me out because I didn't want to be awake for that part, but I don't really remember much of it. The next thing I know they put an oxygen mask over me and I was out.

Then I wake up in the recovery room... in and out of consciousness.. trying to wake up out of the anesthesia, and getting frustrated because Marcus isn't around. I finally start coming around, asking for some water cause my throat is crazy dry, and then ask where my husband is. They said they'll call him. After I hang out in recovery for a couple hours, they give me some pain meds, and then some anti-nauseaus meds... and then wheel me into my hospital room. Pretty cramped, shared bathroom, no shower, and poor Marcus has a humbug sleeping recliner thing. We finally got into our room around 6 or so. Thank goodness for juice! I started drinking last night, some zing and c-ya... and of course some coconut milk. Man, like I said, so glad that we brought juice with us, because I was getting over their water. Through the night, I had to keep using the bathroom (I suppose that's good right? hydration) but it was humbug because Marcus would have to unplug my IV and then help me to the bathroom, then call the nurse to empty the liquid so they could keep track of how much my outtake was. But, at least he was able to get some sleep Wed night, since he definitely didn't get a lot of sleep Tues night before surgery. Speaking of sleep- we're soo crazy grateful for the Petersons for opening their house to us and letting us stay with them, and giving us an opportunity to have a place in Nashville for Marcus to hang out.

This morning the nurse came in around 7 or so and said they wanted to discharge me around 11. I don't really know what that means in the civilian world, but apparently it means they want you OUT of the room by 11. I didn't quite understand that, so after they finally gave us our prescriptions, I sent Marcus down to the pharmacy, where they took forever, I took a nap. Then Marcus went to the Petersons to get the rest of our juice from their fridge... and while he was gone they decided they wanted to get me out of the hospital room, and down to the clinic where they would take my xrays, and the docs would look me over one last time. I just felt like I was cattle, being herded from one room to the next. So this guy puts me in a wheelchair and carries one bag, and puts the rest on me and the wheelchair, and wheels me down. Halfway down I realize I left my pillow in the room, so he calls someone to bring it down. Then he takes me to the clinic- checks me in, and then unpacks all my stuff and leaves me in these chairs inside the clinic. Seriously, it was so random. Just sitting there, in a chair, with all my stuff in two other chairs. Just waiting. For xrays. This lady asks me if I've checked in, I said yes... and then she said she'll be with me as soon as she can, they're really backed up or something. Then she asks me if I have a hip graft, because I needed her help getting into the xray room, and she was mad that the dude just dropped me off without the chair. Then she called for another wheel chair, takes my xray, and puts me in a dental room waiting for the docs. And she brings all my stuff to me. And I wait. For Marcus to come back, for the doctors...

Dr. Press (the attending) said the xray looks really good. They used a small piece of hip bone, then added some bone shavings (cadaver, or bovine, not sure which one), then used some BMP (bone morphogenic protein). Prayerfully it all takes, and this will be the last surgery (minus adding the implants), and all of the graft will take. The small piece of hip bone was less than originally expected, so my walking around is much easier than the hip graft done in March of 2010. Praise God!

Next appt at Vanderbilt is next Friday around 11ish, and hopefully then they'll give me some of my surgery pictures, as well as all of my goodies from surgery (the titanium bars, the models, etc). For now, just waiting. He said physical therapy shouldn't start for at least a week, one patient insisted on starting early, and he actually broke his hip at therapy. Totally sucks right?

Pain-wise, mouth is doing okay, more my throat is super sore. They said they put gauze in the back of my throat to prevent any hardware from going down my throat, my but little dangling thing feels super swollen. A resident said sometimes when the suction thing catches the dangling thing, it gets all swollen and stuff. *great*. Anyway. Hip is sore, probably more sore than face/neck. And I guess that's about it. Other than my throat being sore. I feel like I need to hock up a lougy, but nothing is really coming out except some bloody stuff did come out during my shower. I did get to take a nice shower when we got home.

Well, I guess that's it. Super grateful for all the prayers, I definitely feel like this is the best surgery so far (even if the patient care wasn't that great). Sorry if this is babbling, but I took the narcotics but haven't taken a nap yet... so trying to get ready for bed and wanted to get it all out while I still remembered a little bit of it.

Catch you on the flip side!

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Anonymous said...

Brenda, im glad to hear that at the end of all your so called "babbling " you ended with a positive note that this was your best surgery :)
Good to hear you have ppl to help your family.
Keep going strong!