26 March 2012

I'm okay!

Relatively. My dear Aunt reminded me that my last post was a little dramatic... talking about passing out and then I kind of dropped off the radar. So my last post was the 22, since then I had an appt on Friday, hung out with friends, and started drinking about a quart of green juice a day. And gotten a little depressed about food. :/ it was only a matter of time.

The followup on Friday went well. Said healing is going well, and swelling will continue to go down. At four weeks they'll re-evaluate to see if they can cut me free at that point (4/13) if not, it'll be another two weeks. Honestly, seriously expecting to stay wired for 6 weeks. Although that sucks for work life, because I am no happy camper at work wired shut :/ but we'll see. They reminded me that I'm not in the clear for infection. So prayer for the bone graft to take (I'm not sure when that is in the clear). And we have another 2-3 weeks until we're in the clear for an infection. But right now... we're doing well. Physically.

Emotionally, I'm going through that, 'UGGH I just want to eat!' phase. Which. Is always difficult. Yesterday after church I was just so desperate for food, I made some egg salad and pureed it and put it through my little hole on the right side. Which of course was appetizing, (although crazy messy)... but I woke up this morning and my muscles were pretty sore. So... I'm not sure if I'm too fond of that.. but in desperation I just put a billion little cheerios in my mouth, and I think I'm already suffering for that. :/

Guess that's about it for now. :)

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