20 March 2012

Not enough ice...

Sadly, our freezer has actually run out of ice cubes.

And I'm exhausted. Slept from about midnight3o until about 6 this morning, took meds, changed ice pads, slept til about 830. Haven't slept all day. Didn't take a nap yesterday either.

Starving. My tummy is empty. It's sad. Throat needs to get better, would love to drink some cold juice right about now. Tomorrow I will probably drink some chicken broth, but tonight, just too lazy. See second paragraph.

Resident emailed me back, saying that many patients complained of sore throats up to a week after surgery. It makes me think, "well, this is the first time I've had this nuts of a sore throat after surgery, so maybe you should change something!"

Vivian came to visit me today, pretty awesome. I do enjoy visitors, definitely make the day go by faster... it's nice to have SAHMs as friends!

However, don't think I'm walking tomorrow with the ladies. Did some stuff with Z in the driveway today and his tricycle and bike... think it got worked enough. Plus, at this rate- I need my sleep yo!

Sadly, I missed a seminar last night I was supposed to do online :/ Kinda bummed about that. Should probably email them and tell them my reasoning, since I'm not just a *total* flake.

Hungry. Did I mention that already?

Guess I'll catch you laters all. Night night!

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