22 March 2012

What a douzy!


Yesterday was full of highs and lows, hence the no blog being posted. But, let me give you a little rundown.

In the morning, I woke up at 3am with a killer sore throat, and pain. Too early for pain meds, so I could only change out my ice packs. Tried to drink some warm water to calm the throat and then hobbled back to bed. Woke up again at 6 am. This time able to take pain meds, changed ice packs, texted people to pray because my pain was like 6/7 and I was miserable. Tried to drink some more warm liquids. Slept until about 9. Most. Amazing. Sleep. Ever. To include a dream about eating cookies.

So the day was going a bit better, was able to try and drink almost a whole 16oz of juice (room temperature ish). Emily came to visit. Took an afternoon nap. Took the kid outside to play with his tricycle for a little bit...then hung out a little before heading to bed. I started to make my hot tea to take to bed with me, and then I thought I'd go check out my neck. I see some green (gross color to see on your bandages right?!) so I was bold and took it off, but it was attached to another one, so two ended up coming off. Definitely pussy underneath. I was thinking this wasn't a good sign, so I went to the master bathroom, and added some bacitracin. I start to feel a little nauseas at this time, and I think that I'm seeing discoloration going down my neck and into my chest (sign of infection) so I think I'm freaking out. I also think I might get sick (oh no, not that clamy feeling again!). I sit on the john (sorry guys, but it's kind of part of the story), and I'm still... not...feeling very good. So I start pounding on the bathtub, trying to get hubby's attention.

I keep hitting the bathtub, I get off the john, trying to kneel to see if maybe I can let the getting sick feeling pass.. not so much get back on toilet. Hubby comes into bathroom not sure what I'm doing. I tell him to get down on the ground in front of me (my head was feeling really heavy and it was difficult to lift it up) so I had to use him for my arms and my head while I had some... projectile excrements (sorry, TMI again?) Poor M, I can't really talk at this point, beyond moaning and groaning about how much this sucks. And then, when it's all done I get up to wash my hands...

Then I hear M saying, "Are you okay? Do I need to call the ambulance?"

Ho yup yup yup, I totally passed out. Like a light. Had a dream too!

I come to and M gets me into bed... and at this point I'm fading in and out of coherentness... he puts some ice packs on me and takes my blood pressure (99/60) and then goes to make apple juice. I fade in and out, and then slowly drink the fresh apple juice (awesome). Slowly start to feel better.

Finally get out of bed, "brush" my teeth, and head back to bed to lay down.

I know right?!?! Crazy!

Anyway. Thankful it's over with. And to be doing okay. The hubby is a good man, I just felt bad for scaring him. We think what happened is that with this blasted sore throat, I haven't been drinking nearly as much as I was planning on. You know, all that Juicing I was going to do? (remember, cold stuff feels like a million razor blades down my throat). By drinking mostly warm tea with honey and ginger, I went from 170lbs morning of surgery (yeah, a good 5+ of where I wanted to be!) to 156lbs yesterday morning... in a week- not the best weight loss program. Totally not intentional, but it's what happened. So today it's been a little bit of keifir, and some homemade butternut squash/apple/carrot soup :)

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