18 March 2012

Woe is me!

I am so easily depressed. Or distraught. Well, I guess, most people are easily distraught. Seriously. Imagine an upset tummy...and a terrible sore throat. And your stomach makes all these gurgling sounds... all the time. Just in general, today was a struggle. Perhaps because it was Sunday, so naturally Satan wants to throw his best at me. I knew we would have to make to service, but I didn't realize it would be such a struggle. The nature of the teaching today was struggle & hardship, and very timely for me (of course). Although during service I wasn't feeling the best, I knew it was a really good idea that we were there. Perhaps I should have stretched my leg out (and kept it elevated), as well as ice it during the service. Coming home was difficult, mostly I think because of my throat. Whatever is going on in my mouth was killing me... it made me feel so gross, and then it really made it difficult to even *want* to drink anything, which I think totally jacked up my stomach because I wasn't drinking anything and then taking meds and antibiotics... I don't even know where my mind was the whole day-just not anything exciting or beautiful... just survival.

Thankfully, toward the evening Marcus made some tea- green tea with ginger and some honey. Definitely helped make me feel much better, until I had to take my antibiotics. So battling it a little bit more right now, but thankfully- still not as bad as I was earlier today.

Almost time to get ready for bed, going to try and meet some ladies for a light walk in the morning. Hopefully I can get up :)

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