09 April 2012

Another Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a bit busier than I was originally intending. Starting off with getting up early Friday morning (by my post-surgery standards), to be ready to go walking with some ladies at 8am. Then M & I went grocery shopping, and did some Easter shopping for Z. Then finally home, and then later in the evening our Good Friday service.

Saturday was the first time we got to head back down to Franklin for the Farmers Market. Definitely got some amazing greens for an Easter Salad at the Sims, and then juicing greens, honey, eggs, butter and bacon. Then Whole Foods, some coffee, and picking up the next part of our Made to Crave study-the action plan. Back home to rest up before the Made to Crave Study, and then time to cook two pecan cherry coconut maple pies for Easter dinner at Sims. M made some green juice for me, that included some cabbage... (dun dun dun)

Sunday morning, a dear friend was going to church for the first time, and she needed to go to the 830 service since she had to drive 2hrs to see family... another early morning for us. We get out of bed and rolling, only to find out the cabbage isn't settling in my stomach very well (perhaps, it was a*hem, a few weeks old)... and the runs come on. Get to church on time, still a little unsettled, survive service, see some people get baptized and head home. Time to make some home-made sweet potato chips, carrot chips, and salt & vinegar chips. Other than burning the sweet potatoes and the regular chips, they were pretty good. The carrot chips not so much, they were too thick and were mushy and not crunchy at all. Head to Varbles, then swing by back home to pick up pies and prep salad, and off to the Sims. All I had Sunday was some kefir, some grapefruit juice, a mini reese's pb cup, some nerds...some broccoli and cheese soup... and that was it. My tummy was too unsettled, with frequent BR breaks... wasn't fun. Needless to say walking into a house of delicious my favorite kind of food (thanksgiving) was not enjoyable. I probably ruined it for M, and then while they were prepping the food, and then the kids got to eat, and I was feeding Z (after I originally told M to do it and then yelled at him to go eat)... I just couldn't handle it. So I took the keys from M and drove home.

Yup I drove. Weird. But I had to get out. I was tired, cranky, hungry, not feeling well... you get the gist. So I laid in bed... texting a friend, about how I ruined Easter dinner. Then finally got out of bed, made a shake, and started reading the Word. (did I mention I burnt the palm of my hand trying to move the cast iron skillet out of the stove?) Totally convicted:
I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice (not in circumstances); I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2

After a final trip to the bathroom, headed back to pick up M and the kid. I felt horribly bad for storming out, and poor M was left with the awkward explaining... and emotionally I was just spent. I think had I been able to really eat and fill myself up, it wouldn't have been so bad. You know, but seriously. I was miserably hungry, and miserably having to go to the bathroom.

Anyway. I'm grateful His mercies are new every morning... cause I definitely needed them this morning. I slept for 14hrs last night, and definitely enjoyed every minute of it. Guess I was a bit more pooped than I thought. :D

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