27 April 2012

The Big Day- aka Grand Re-Opening

We're about to leave the house in 20minutes, to take the long drive down to Vanderbilt.  It's exciting, nerve-wracking (what if something hasn't healed right and I need to be wired longer), and... a sense of relief. The time has finally come (the walrus said...) and hopefully by the time I get back home I can brush the inside of my mouth, and stuff some delicious sweet potato pancakes inside my mouth.  I also have to ask some questions about physical capabilities, what I can and cannot do to my mouth, etc.

I'll update this blog later today with pictures through the journey, and today. My teeth will be stained... and slightly British looking... but I'm sure they'll clean up soon (I'm just warning you about the teeth).

**edited** I failed to remember that they don't take the arch bars off right away.  After the wires come off, are a time of using rubber bands. Similar to rubber bands for braces.  Not too big of a deal, and thankfully I only have to wear the bands at night.  Which means my jaw can relax and stuff during the day while I eat and talk, without having to get an extra workout of being banded shut.

Gross note: apparently drinking green juice can cause discoloration of teeth.  I didn't realize that my bottom teeth sit behind my front teeth, so when I use the water pik and toothbrush, I could only brush the top teeth. So my bottom teeth-were... disgusting. I called them British, but they were like Austin Powers x 10. Thankfully after a second brushing some of it went away... and I think continual brushing will help get them clean. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn't want evidence of the grossness.  Pics to come later tonight after small group.

Oh, my dear friend Emily, whom I got to hang out with A LOT because of surgery, hooked up with hubby (to determine favorite color) and she brought me a potted plant! And a $15 gift card to Cold Stone. When we came home from hospital today they were on the front porch. Seriously. I am so blessed!

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