03 April 2012

The end of a weekend

This weekend seemed a little busier than normal. Saturday M had a mens' group meeting, so I watched the kid from about 9-1130. It wasn't too bad, although the 9 part was rough since I normally sleep in. But Z minded his manners with his ipad until I could function. Then up to get Z some breakfast, and me some juice. Then I started cleaning a little since the owners of our rental home were coming by around 3 in the afternoon. Sadly it was smack in the middle of my "Made to Crave" study that I normally go to at 2... but I decided it was best to stay home with M & the kid to help out. After the owners came by, noticed that the siding needs to be cleaned and the deck redone (thankfully they'll be replacing a warped piece of wood, slightly dangerous)- I mentioned the blinds, but I don't think they're likely to replace them any time soon. I guess we can try right? Afterwards we headed to our friend Viv's house for her bday celebration. A couple hours of hanging out, before her and the hubby went to a movie. I made deviled eggs for her, with a twist. Used greek yogurt instead of mayo, and then added mustard and dijon mustard. It was pretty tasty. And.. way healthier!

Anyway. Pain is mostly manageable. Had a crazy headache Sunday morning before and during church, I think it was because I was dehydrated! I've gotten lazy and don't necessarily enjoy drinking stuff. You know? When that's all you can do... it gets old. Fast. So it's been another battle of trying to get water in...

Time to get ready for the day! We're gonna swing by The Settlement to see if we can turn in an application, and if I can check it out. It's only slightly more for full-time care, and they said they had openings for Z's age in May. I think both M & I want him in a more structured academic setting... perhaps someplace that doesn't play "I'm sexy & I know it."

Fantastic note, I made some broccoli and cheese soup last night. Amazing. Used the raw organic cheese, some homemade chicken broth, and frozen broccoli (we were running low of food funds)... nom nom nom. Looking forward to eating some today.


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