20 April 2012

Seven days... until freedom!

I find it hard to believe that this time next week I'll be in the car, driving down to Nashville in order to get my wires taken off. The process is a little more than just being "cut free," since I no longer have braces... the arch bars are actually wrapped around the roots of my teeth, under the gums. Ho yup yup yup... you think about getting those off... For that reason, I'll be under while they cut and wiggle my mouth free.

And of course, I won't be able to just go out, and eat a whopper (although, not like I'd want to eat a whopper per say), but you get my drift right? I'll be likely to only be able to open my mouth a few cm, maybe an inch when I'm first cut free, and will have to work on getting my muscles all stretched out and able to open and all that goodness. I am however, plotting to grab some Pancake Pantry sweet potato pancakes (totally not Paleo, I know), and bring them home... in order to enjoy some nice soft deliciousness once we get back to Clarksville.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to being free. Perhaps more importantly, looking forward to being healthy and able-bodied again.  But I have been walking everyday this week. Mostly doing a 1.3mi loop around the neighborhood, and I started doing an upper body workout, then the next day part of Jillian's 6 Week 6 Pack. I'm hoping to continue alternating it over the next couple weeks, so I can build up my strength without seriously overstraining my jaw.

More importantly, I'm looking forward to heading down to my favorite Franklin's Farmer Market on Saturday. We're having some friends (well a college friend traveling with her parents) stop by on Sunday, so I'm making some (grassfed) meatloaf, salad greens, and mashed red potato/cauliflower. I'll be picking up some fantastic greens from the market (I need to get the name of the salad lady), seriously her greens are SO soft, and some meat.

Tonight we have a volunteer event at our community's "River & Spires" an annual event with whatevers. Booths and stuff. That'll be interesting. o_O  anyway.

Yesterday I did a "half" day at work. Although I'm still on medical leave, my boss asked if I was well enough to attend training that was being held, and I said yes. Then we talked about me going back to work part time next week. Seems doable, although I'll definitely need to prepare enough juice for it. (I'm out of greens!) Thankfully today is a day off, cause I think I need it to recover. Anyway. It should help pass the time next week.

That's about it for me. Aloha!

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