14 August 2012

Five months...

Is almost how long it's been since my last post. Nah nah, just kidding. It's only been three months. ;)

My faithful reader Natasha reminded me I haven't blogged in a long time, and partially is because I always think of what I could write, and then by the time I get home and stuff, it's just too late.

But today marks a big day, five months since my last (fourth) jaw surgery.

I had a followup appt yesterday, and the doc said it looked almost as good as a virgin jaw. Now that's some good news!  The next struggle is getting the implant process started. Since I'm in the military, and Ft Campbell has the ability to do implants, they aren't likely to "let me" get my implants done at Vanderbilt.  Which is frustrating for me, because I would like to stick with one doctor through all of this.  Unfortunately, my old oral surgeon from Campbell that referred me to Vanderbilt, has moved and we're waiting for the new doctor to take cases... hopefully he starts in September, but I'll be gone all month for training. My best bet to see him is to call the scheduler Sep 17th and try to schedule an appointment immediately when I get back from training.  Implants don't take long to do, and the healing is about a week... so I could get them done right before I deploy... but I really want to get the posts in.

Although my doctor said my bone would be okay if I didn't have posts while I'm deployed... when bone isn't used (like having teeth or posts in them), they start to dissolve...  I'm trying to avoid another surgery in the future because my bone won't support implants... but anyway.

I was graciously reminded that despite doctors and referrals and all that, God is the ultimate Doctor... and I am in His hands.  A reminder I definitely needed yesterday.

Well, my time is up, gotta sleep. Hopefully more to come later.

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