20 October 2012


There's a lot of healing that's going on lately.

Spiritually... and physically.

The surgery didn't go as well as we could have hoped.  Apparently I had a lot of scar tissue, so because of the amount they removed and not knowing how the graft would settle, they didn't put the posts in.  I was a little upset waking up from surgery and not having posts in my mouth.  I might have dropped the F-bomb waking up and asking why I had the surgery if the posts weren't in.  buuuut... can you blame me?

Anyway. Guess the posts will go in, when I get back from deployment. And until then, I pray that the soft tissue graft takes, and that between now and then, neither the bone nor the soft tissue get any smaller...

Side note-we're less than 2 weeks away from moving out of the house and heading to Hawaii. What a crazy month it's been... on so many accounts. And life just keeps on rolling!

16 October 2012


It's been a while, yes?

A lot has happened since now and then.

I went to TX for a week, then I went to FL for the month of Sep.

Then I came back to TN... and found out that I needed a soft tissue graft before I could get implants. I was crazy frustrated because no one had said anything about this issue before. Not enough bone, yea I heard that... not enough gums?!?! NOPE!

Anyway, fiasco about 1-having referral from Tricare to pay for procedures (not wanting to fork out $5k), 2-their availability to do the surgery. Because we're in a time crunch...I needed 2 weeks for healing to make sure all went well...

Thankfully, about 24hrs after I had a panic attack-ish and then figured out that God wasn't surprised by the news... I got scheduled for 17 October.

That's tomorrow.

I'm a little nervous and apprehensive.  I've never had a surgery like this before. It's unknown to me, and that is what's scary. I've had bone grafts and all that... but this? They say the roof of your mouth burns and feels like you ate a really hot piece of pizza. Let's just say, I only burn my tongue... not really the roof. And the only thing I can kind of relate to, is killing my mouth when I eat Captain Crunch or something.

So, that's a little update for you (Natasha) in case you didn't know.

Thankfully, I have an opportunity to go to Hawaii and hang out with my mother-in-law (sick with second round of cancer, going through chemo...not really sure how that's going since no one talks about it)... and then I'll come back and stay with a friend for about a week before I fly out again.

That's two thankfully's. Wow.

Alrighty, time for sleep. Early morning to Vanderbilt (who knows about Nashville traffic, too afraid to chance it)...

Peace out.