01 December 2013

Well then...

It's been over a year since I've updated.

So much has happened since those long days of traveling to Afghanistan. There were long days and nights in Afghanistan. Tears, frustration, brokenness, and growing during that time. Then there were the very long days coming back to my family in TN. Last minute packing and shipping many boxes to TN, not a lot of sleep. Anxiety, of what it would be like to be back home with my husband and son. There was a talk of another baby, a recurrence of the tumor, and moving. Then the positive pregnancy test, negative CT scan, and the chaos of moving back to Hawaii. And then the complete revamping of our home church. The one I was looking forward to "coming back to the way it was..." and yet God had other plans.

Here I am. In the beginning of my last Masters of Education class, to be completed two weeks before Hannah is scheduled to make her appearance into the world. We've moved into grandma's old apartment. For now. Perhaps there will be a purchase in our future, but I'm not holding my breath right now. And newly certified at my new job at the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (still in the Air Force).

Whelp, guess that's it for now. Perhaps I'll be a little better about updating now... pfft. ;)