13 March 2014

A Family of Four

It's crazy to think that we are now a family of four. Especially because I feel like at every chance I get I pawn off my son on other people. In all reality though, crazy kudos to you parents of multiples! (and pray for us, next week is Spring Break so Zeke doesn't have preschool). Thankfully, Zeke has been an awesome big brother, and has only had a few issues with jealousy (breastfeeding mostly & a little bit of the stroller) and he is so helpful.

I kept with the tradition of creating a blog for little Hannah and made her first post, as well as one for big brother. And somehow I have figured out that if I keep Hannah on my chest, and bring my knees up, I can type on my computer (hence blogging, almost 2 weeks after her birth).

I don't know where to start. It has been a whirlwind of an adventure, starting with trying to be patient with her arrival (I was so sure she was coming early!) and then pushing through labor (no pun intended), and then persevering through breastfeeding issues. Thankfully, Hannah doesn't have any jaundice issues like Zeke did, so she's awake and ready to feed, and now we are (exclusively breast) feeding successfully. I think I'll break down all those things into separate blogs. But for now, here are some pictures for your enjoyment (likely similar to the ones on Hannah's blog).

Beginning hour of life... skin to skin 

Hanging out with daddy shortly after birth

One tired mommy... finally eating breakfast (2hrs later)

As we were heading out from the Delivery Room and to the Recovery Ward, we literally ran into Zeke and my mom in the hallway. Bummed we didn't get any pics of that initial meeting but Zeke was so excited to see his little sister in the bassinet. Our family pic <3 p="">
One proud Grandma (My mom)

Making a break for it! Heading home (1 Mar)

Mommy-Baby bonding time... with some big brother too :)

Playing with camera settings. One of the many tricks we do to try and keep her sleeping (without her being on your chest).

 Great Grandma meeting Hannah (2 Mar).

A grandson, and her two great-grandchildren. One very proud great-grandma.

Hannah meeting her girlfriend, Eden (who is 2lbs bigger than her, but 10 days younger).

Her labor and birth story will come in a little bit, but in the end, I am so grateful for Marcus. He has been an amazing partner in all of this, and I am incredibly grateful for him.

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