23 March 2014

A troubled day in paradise.

Today (when I started writing this-Fri 3/21), baby Hannah is three weeks old. We also had her lactation appointment today, to see how much she was taking in per feeding (to get a better idea of how much to supplement, maybe get some good news, something).

Needless to say, we did not get good news. Despite our efforts and her relatively calm demeanor... she only took in about 20ml for the feeding, or about 2/3 of an ounce. At her age she should be taking in about 1.5-2oz a feeding. So, we got a strict table on how much we should be supplementing (giving her extra food, either formula or breastfeeding) after every feeding.

So a little part of me died again, and cringed at the thought of my baby girl hungry, and amazed that she had a relatively good demeanor despite her lack of food.

And then we had to go to the OB clinic for a walk-in appointment, since I was concerned my tear from delivery tore again. Great news, it didn't tear, I just have my first hemorrhoid. And mistakenly (without thinking) I cancelled my midwife appointment for Monday (tomorrow) because I was thinking, "Oh this whole tear thing is resolved..." totally spacing on the fact that I wanted to talk to them about Reglan or Domperidone to help with the milk supply.  Sigh.

Tomorrow we go to Hickam for a weight check, and I'll be calling Tripler for some meds. Unless someone in Canada or Australia or NZ wants to overnight me some Dom. ;)

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