27 March 2014


It's amazing what it's like struggling with low milk supply. You tell people you have problems making milk, and they instantly advise you on all the things you can do to increase supply- skin to skin, keep baby on the boob, pump often, eat oatmeal/brewers years/flaxseed meal, take fenugreek/goats rue/etc herbs, drink mother's milk tea, non alcoholic malt drink, and lots of water... and if all else fails, you can always ask for reglan. Oh, and "your body always makes enough milk."

Shut the front door. Statistically, 5% of women have chronic low supply, meaning, "no, your body *doesn't* always make enough milk." Seemingly I would be part of that 5%. And after struggling with Zeke and trying to breastfeed him, and with my struggles with Hannah, I was pretty certain I had low milk supply.

Actually, while I was pregnant with Hannah I did LOTS of research on milk supply. And low milk supply. And I was actually so sure that I had IGT (Insufficient Glandular Tissue) but when I sent in my topless picture to a specialist she said, "Honey, some of these girls would kill for boobs like those." So, my "dream" of finding an answer was smashed. Since I didn't have IGT. So I had hope, that if I did enough, then perhaps this time would be different. I could exclusively breastfeed (EBF).

So when the weight dropped off Hannah, even after lactaction visits, the breast whisper, the upper lip clipped, supplements for mom... I was desperate. I walked into my midwife appointment hopeful she would listen to me, hopeful she would give me domperidone but realistically expecting her to give me reglan. To at least try.

And she did. Bless her heart. Dana listened to me (she is also the one that delivered Zeke!). She asked me questions, I asked for a thyroid test and she was pleased I did. And then came the Reglan talk. She would prescribe it, but she was concerned about the side effects, the effectiveness, etc. I told her I wanted one last shot to try. To make enough for my daughter.

Then she said the most amazing thing, "some women can't make enough milk, and they will always have to supplement."

The heavens opened and sang. Not really, but it was amazing to have someone that believed me. That commended me for all my efforts... and was willing to listen.

I'm on two weeks of Reglan, which may or may not work... and for now- I am grateful for someone that listened and believed me.

For the record-the midwife does think I have IGT, just not the typical physical markers but I display a lot of the characteristics.

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