17 March 2014

Birth Photos

We had a very unique opportunity to have a birth photographer present at Hannah's birth. She made a post on a FB group about looking for someone giving birth soon, so she could expand her portfolio. I'll admit, I originally contacted her because I thought she might be free since she was doing this to expand her portfolio. Alas, she wasn't free, but her price was incredibly reasonable, considering she was shooting for being present for the last 6hrs of birth.   We scheduled our "meeting" to discuss some things and finalize on Sunday, 3/2... as you know we never made it to that meeting, so our first time in person was at the hospital when she showed up.

Some people might be weirded out by a stranger being in the room with you, but if you know me, there aren't a lot of strangers. She is a nice young lady, with her own daughter. She was incredibly encouraging, respectful, and awesome during our time together. I love this pictures, as raw and real as they are. Some say the second child gets less photos, but in this case- Hannah didn't get the short end of the stick. 

I am not sure any of them really need captions. Except to know that the picture of me looking at Marcus isn't a look of disgust, but of total amazement and almost tears that we made it through.

I promise a labor blog coming soon. With all this pumping, I'm sure I'll have time to do it now!

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