16 April 2014

Great news! and not so great news

I had an appointment with the team that does implants at Hickam, after a painful and slow process of getting the 3d scan to work (issues getting the whole picture the doctor wanted) - the doctors decided they could indeed place 3-4 studs to support implants. There is still a lot of stuff to be worked out... but that conversation was priceless. I almost cried, thinking that this was nearly the end of a FIVE year journey. Can you believe it's been five years since they first found the tumor while I was pregnant with Zeke? It was crazy moment.

It's kind of a slow process, my next appointment is 1.5hrs long to get impressions and some other stuff, then we wait for the lab (which is apparently backed up about 5 weeks) and then we can start. The first procedure (I think) will be the hardest, putting the posts in. Sadly they don't do general anesthesia at the clinic... so she said she gives me something that I take at home and come in loopy. Apparently it's not valium though. Scared for that part...

The not so great news.. I had a pelvic floor physical therapist, and she informed me that my healing tear has gotten worse since the last time she saw me. To the point that it has split and is still bleeding a little. This would explain the sharp uncomfortable pain I've been continuing to feel. -_- So she made me promise I would call the midwife/doc tomorrow and get it looked at. SIGH.

That's it. Hooha troubles but jaw victory. I'll take it!

08 April 2014


I am oddly energized. On six hours of sleep.

Why you might ask? Because apparently as a new mom you have this superpower to be functional on minimal sleep. Really it's because at most you get a solid three hours of sleep. Last night, Hannah slept after a feeding around 11ish, until 5 this morning. I feel glorious! Plus, I'm praying this is a glimpse of what's to come when I go back to work (boo, sad face).

I always debate after Hannah feeds but I'm awake if I should go pump or go back to sleep. I putzed around on the phone, sent an email, even found a rockin coaster that I want desperately on craigslist and emailed the owner (fingers crossed! Sadly they have been retired and are no longer sold in stores/online).

So here I am, pumping at 0618 and yes don't worry, I'll head back to bed shortly :)

Mommy & Hannah's first outing in the car, all by themselves (5 Apr)
Perfect little hands
Zeke wanted to take pictures together, Hannah was not having it.

07 April 2014


It's a play on words. It's a breast pump. Called "Free-mie." And it's awesome.

Hannah thinks so as well.
Apparently it makes for a great pillow.

How's this for hands-free driving? Bwahahaha..

It has its quirks, but basically it's a cup that you put in your bra, and it pumps. And it's amazing. Convenient, and I pump way more often with it out of convenience. Not like I pump to feed Hannah (I can pump about 3oz a day, which is one bottle for her; and she takes about 3-4 bottles a day in extra to what I feed her. I'm not sure how that's going to work when I get back to work :/)

At any rate, any pumping mommas should definitely consider this pump... or the adapter kit from Amazon! :) Did I mention you could use it with other pumps? 

Yup, go check it out.


It's been a while. Mostly because we have a night routine, that does not include pumping in the middle of the night, and my charger died for my laptop so I had to get a new one.

At any rate, Wed 4/2 we had our last weight check for Hannah. I went in and told Marcus this was the first weight check I wasn't concerned about. We had a system with formula, and we even were blessed with 10oz of breastmilk (BM) from a random source, our photographer. When we had our session that Monday (newborn session), she said she had two frozen bags leftover and she didn't want it to go to waste. I was shocked she didn't want to give it to her toddler (18months), but she was done with BM. So I gladly took it, and didn't give it a second thought.

Hannah weighed in at a whopping 8lb 8oz (3.85kg), a significant up from her 7lb 5oz days. And I was confident. And relatively happy.

We don't have to go back for weekly checks anymore, and her next appointment is her 2 month appt. Praise God! (Mom's sanity can return not having to go back to the doctors all the time :P)