16 April 2014

Great news! and not so great news

I had an appointment with the team that does implants at Hickam, after a painful and slow process of getting the 3d scan to work (issues getting the whole picture the doctor wanted) - the doctors decided they could indeed place 3-4 studs to support implants. There is still a lot of stuff to be worked out... but that conversation was priceless. I almost cried, thinking that this was nearly the end of a FIVE year journey. Can you believe it's been five years since they first found the tumor while I was pregnant with Zeke? It was crazy moment.

It's kind of a slow process, my next appointment is 1.5hrs long to get impressions and some other stuff, then we wait for the lab (which is apparently backed up about 5 weeks) and then we can start. The first procedure (I think) will be the hardest, putting the posts in. Sadly they don't do general anesthesia at the clinic... so she said she gives me something that I take at home and come in loopy. Apparently it's not valium though. Scared for that part...

The not so great news.. I had a pelvic floor physical therapist, and she informed me that my healing tear has gotten worse since the last time she saw me. To the point that it has split and is still bleeding a little. This would explain the sharp uncomfortable pain I've been continuing to feel. -_- So she made me promise I would call the midwife/doc tomorrow and get it looked at. SIGH.

That's it. Hooha troubles but jaw victory. I'll take it!

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