08 April 2014


I am oddly energized. On six hours of sleep.

Why you might ask? Because apparently as a new mom you have this superpower to be functional on minimal sleep. Really it's because at most you get a solid three hours of sleep. Last night, Hannah slept after a feeding around 11ish, until 5 this morning. I feel glorious! Plus, I'm praying this is a glimpse of what's to come when I go back to work (boo, sad face).

I always debate after Hannah feeds but I'm awake if I should go pump or go back to sleep. I putzed around on the phone, sent an email, even found a rockin coaster that I want desperately on craigslist and emailed the owner (fingers crossed! Sadly they have been retired and are no longer sold in stores/online).

So here I am, pumping at 0618 and yes don't worry, I'll head back to bed shortly :)

Mommy & Hannah's first outing in the car, all by themselves (5 Apr)
Perfect little hands
Zeke wanted to take pictures together, Hannah was not having it.

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